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Corporate Taxation and Compliances
Sound business decision need to be backed by the right tax advice. Rapid globalization has led to intense competition. Corporate entities have realized that innovative tax strategies and proper planning can reduce the tax incidence and provide the much needed cutting edge over competitions. Our service in this area includes:
Direct Taxes
  • Drafting and representing before the Income tax authorities (Assessment proceedings, CIT (A) and ITAT).
  • Vetting of agreements from tax perspective and provide legal opinions there on.
  • Reviewing and providing assistance in advance tax computation
  • Reviewing and checking of deduction and timely deposit of TDS and filling of E TDS returns.
  • Vetting of Transfer pricing study and Transfer pricing audit
  • Rendering consultancy in Double Taxation Treaties with various countries,
  • Rendering consultancy to foreign and multinational companies in International Taxation
  • Assisting in preparation of income tax returns, computations and identifying opportunities of tax planning.
Indirect Taxes
  • Structuring of Contracts /transactions to optimize indirect tax incidence.
  • Vetting of agreements from tax perspective and provide legal opinions there on.
  • Carrying out health checks aimed at providing assurance in tax compliance
  • Advice on classification, valuation, applicability of taxes on transactions and admissibility to tax benefits /exemptions
  • Indirect compliance support and outsourcing
  • Drafting appeals & appearance before appellate authorities.
  • Support for tax payments, filing of returns & compilation of documents.
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